Planning Committee

Planning Committee

The following organizations contributed to the planning of the Stronger Together Conference. We thank them for their dedication in Fighting Antisemitism Through Education and to #ENDJEWHATRED. provides training and resources to schools, community groups, public institutions, and private organizations on the dangers of antisemitism and about the important lessons of the Holocaust in current and relevant ways. We also provide learning about Jewish culture, traditions and religion in an accessible ways.

We are a non-partisan civil rights movement focused solely on justice for the Jewish people.

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation (CAEF) is a registered Canadian charitable organization, incorporated in 2004, and operated as Speakers Action Group until 2019.  For two decades, CAEF has provided Canadians with programs to bridge understanding across ethno-racial and faith communities, to see the humanity in all, and to confront discrimination, including racism and antisemitism.

SWU Canada was launched in 2014 to combat anti-Israel rhetoric in Canada, train student leaders in high schools and on campuses, and education Canadians about supporting Israel. 

We envision North American college campuses to be a place where Zionists feel empowered to openly celebrate the Jewish State without fear or exclusion. Where universities can define and fight Antisemitism in all its forms. Where all Jewish students have the sophisticated education coupled with the confidence to speak up. Where the entire campus community welcomes and appreciates all students and ideas in support of Israel. We are shaping the next generation of North American leaders.